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Christmas Card 2016 (with Byakurai1313) by Mr-Timeshadow Christmas Card 2016 (with Byakurai1313) :iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 0 2014 Christmas Card By Byakurai1313-d8abu94 by Mr-Timeshadow 2014 Christmas Card By Byakurai1313-d8abu94 :iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 0 1 2014 Christmas Card By Byakurai1313-d8abu94 by Mr-Timeshadow 2014 Christmas Card By Byakurai1313-d8abu94 :iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 2 2
His brown eyes flew open, and he gasped for air -- again. As his racing heart slowly calmed, he cautiously rolled his eyes her way.
She nuzzled his neck. "Yes, I'm awake."
"Sorry." He nuzzled back.
She drew closer. "I always wake up, at least by the tail-end."
Still Shaking off the image lingering behind his eyes, he felt words escaping slowly, like sap in Autumn's chill. "...sorry?"
"I'm sorry for you, love. It happens so often. Was it the same?"
"Yes. I kneel on his chest. He reeks of fear. Sometimes I hear a rib snap, but he just grimaces and whimpers."
"It's not real."
"I know. Still, his agony...poor man!"
"Poor you! Sleep, love..."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
His green eyes flew open, and he clutched his chest reflexively. "Not again, dammit! The same dream...I don't even like horses!"
She groaned. "From now, I'm wearing bubble-wrap undies..."
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A Brief Midsummer Afternoon Interlude
      Prepare the canvas, and begin:
      Sketch an open field. Lolling, rippling waves dancing in the afternoon breeze. Add wildflowers, colorful flecks dotting the beige-on-brown-on-tan landscape. Meticulously sprinkle in insects. Skittering, leaping, flying, burrowing, black shellacked with splashy colors. Grind them into the dust. Hide them from sight.
      Subtle touches: a meandering honeybee bobbing near a violet in the lower left-hand corner...a sparrowhawk gliding, riding air currents (out of sight. Can't see it. Draw it that way)...a mountain, well beyond the frame.
      Final touch: a highway. Black monolith shimmering, a stillborn river reeking of rubber, a turpentine swath cut through the landscape. Occasional roadsigns (no beer there), concrete tributaries, dirt shoulders shrugging indifferently.
      Picture that. Continue:
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 0 3
Hanukkah Card by Mr-Timeshadow Hanukkah Card :iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 0 17 Underwearcard by Mr-Timeshadow Underwearcard :iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 6
15-Word / 5 words challenge
Bleed heedless hate away
 Surrender to sense
Avoiding empty vengeance
 Acclimate to fate
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 3 6
Fruit Patrol
A Seamy Peek at Life on the Dark Side
Turkey Day +12, Pre-Lunch
      The day had begun, dismally, with another perishing. An accident? Yeah, right. Nothing's an accident, and never forget it. No, this foul stench had foul play stamped all over it like a Chiquita label...and it was my lot number to learn who.
      Me? I'm Detective Bartlett, Fruit Patrol -- a cop. An honest cop in a dark and squalid town name of Kenmore.
Turkey Day +12, Afternoon Snack
      Interviewing bystanders proved fruitless; "no one" saw "nothing", and nobody'd met the late unlamented. The boys back at Crisper had already named our stiff: Eggs, Deviled, an out-of-towner. Somebody'd given him a Tupperware burial, so who knew his expiration date or how he'd kicked off? No other physical evidence, and little hope we'd find any.
      Tell me something I don't know. Having finished my fieldwork, I returned to HQ, gambling they'd have news.
Turkey Day +12, Post-Dinner
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 2 16
Lantern Poems #12
The ritual begins with solitude,
   For safety's sake and clarity of soul.
My honor, like my ring, must be renewed
Before I can return to my patrol,
   A dictate of Green Lantern etiquette.
My lantern now will make my power whole.
The moment lantern touches amulet
   I feel the Oan might, and hear its call.
An emerald fire surrounds my silhouette.
The power I receive does not enthrall;
   I gladly serve the Corps of my own will.
And freely give our war on crime my all.
But with a duty that I must fulfill,
   The lantern, once again, must be concealed,
Returning to its secret domicile.
      Now that soul and amulet are healed,
      Beware, all crooks, the power that I wield!
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 2 23
Lantern Poems #11
The universe is vast beyond all thought,
   An endless, swirling void, a black abyss.
That life exists seems but an afterthought,
   Yet countless worlds have witnessed genesis.
The teeming globes should mark a victory
   That cold, indifferent spacetime can't erase
Yet "life" and "good" have no synonymy
   For evil fills the emptiness of space.
As stars impale the curtain of the night,
   Green Lanterns fall upon the profligate,
Commanding, with their will, the emerald light
   To which the evildoers must submit.
      Oh, lantern, now restore my Oan ring,
      and I'll embrace the purity you bring.
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 2
Lantern Poems #10
Though many overlook the force of one,
   That one, and one again, combine as two.
And if the ones continue to accrue,
   Their power overwhelms, in unison.
This might may wilt before it has begun
   If any has a soul not straight and true.
But if, each day, they swear their oaths anew,
   Their mingled light outshines the brightest sun.
I first command my lantern to appear,
   And joining ring to lantern I proclaim:
"My loyalty will never be undone,
"I swear this will eternally inhere" --
   Then warm my soul before its emerald flame,
and not depreciate the singleton.
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 5
Lantern Poems #9
Patiently, Green Lanterns watch their rings regain
   Oa's emerald heritage:
The light that will sustain
      Green Lantern's watch.
Green Lanterns don't appear by sortilege.
   We observe a sacred trust that we'll never profane.
The Guardians, in wisdom, grant this privilege.
All enjoy peace in Green Lantern's domain,
   Protected by Oan equipage
This sector's safety will always remain
      Green Lantern's watch.
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 28
Challenge! Childhood Toy!
Just a twist
Of the wrist
The only power source is me
(fine -- with help from gravity...)
This simple poke --
no other cause --
will soon provoke
its own applause.
As I fumble,
it will tumble,
always clacking,
never slacking.
Toy unsung,
without renown,
rung by rung
I brang it down.
Thus my rhyming
on its falling
never climbing;
that's its calling.
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 0 30
Lantern Poems #8
I pledge my life to the Green Lantern Corps
   And to this sector, which I'll inure
Against the hardships they endure.
Behold the ring of my progenitor.
   Its power, now renewed, keeps this sector secure.
I pledge my life to the Green Lantern Corps.
The lantern's jade glow serves as guarantor
   That my soul remains pure,
Resisting evil's cunning allure.
   I pledge my life to the Green Lantern Corps!
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 0
Lantern Poems #7
This power ring of Oa that I wear
   Commands the lantern swiftly to appear.
And as my emerald light receives repair,
   I swear that I will never yield to fear,
But bravely guard my sector's vast frontier.
   I'll follow every Guardian command.
Green Lantern's fight for right will persevere.
   The Corps can never be defeated, and
      Brings peace to every land.
:iconmr-timeshadow:Mr-Timeshadow 1 0


Caught Home Alone 2 by MechaRaichu
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Caught Home Alone 2 :iconmecharaichu:MechaRaichu 5 0
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my dumbass 2/2 :iconshiniez:shiniez 2,582 1,604
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by d2l2

Okay, please note that I am NOT a photographer, so there won't be any intelligent thoughts on f-stops or such; just a subjective judgme...

Okay, I will take a shot at this. You have been very generous with your work, so if my few words help at all, I'm glad to offer them. B...


Okay, please note that I am NOT a photographer, so there won't be any intelligent thoughts on f-stops or such; just a subjective judgment of the image.
Judgment: it sure works for me! Yes, it's simple, which can be a virtue if that's what you intend. Some shoots are so overtly stylized that they distract too much from the model. And this is a model from whom I want no distractions!
She's a beauty, and her pose, combined with a rather enthusiastic facial expression, helps make the shot. I admire her bravery in wearing such steamy lingerie, as well! The mesh bra that exposes her amazing breasts, and the panties designed to cover everything BUT her womanhood, are amazing, and she is courageous and confident to pose so calmly in them. The lighting flatters her, adding a hint of muscle tone but not creating unflattering bits of shadow.
Sure, this is basic, but wonderfully so, with sultry lingerie on a lovely model!
Okay, I will take a shot at this. You have been very generous with your work, so if my few words help at all, I'm glad to offer them. Before I continue, I should emphasize that I am not a photographer, so I won't pretend to know the technical terms; just offer a critique of the aesthetics as I perceive them.

Natalia is a stunningly beautiful model, a fact helped along by her open-cup bra. I love them for the way they support yet offer up an even better view than full nudity might. The tone of the fabric nicely matches the setting, with the emphasis on grey and beige/brown. The light sets off her skin nicely, though the focus is a tiny bit too soft for my taste. I understand what you were doing here, and it isn't a bad idea; I just feel it resulted in washing out her face and hair a little too much. That is especially important for me, since Natalia adopts such a charming pose; not naive, exactly, but perhaps surprised or confused by something she has heard or seen. It adds a delicious innocence to her sensual appearance.

I like the wood tones (all of my own furniture has a natural look, and my bookshelves have only a polyurethane to enhance the warm glow and protect the wood). Again, the nature of wood adds to the natural feel of this work. Another plus.

Overall, the shot is a little too soft and washed-out, but otherwise well-done. Please thank the model for me, if you will.


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United States
I was born, mostly but not very well and in need of repair already. I've always been a little out-of-phase with everyone else, but at least that can be a plus in writing...
JC 191 by byakurai1313

Please, if you don't already, read my friend byakurai1313 's latest entry in the Just Caitlin strip. It's been building to this moment for a while, and had some belly laughs only recently, but this made me choke up and find no words to comment. All I could think was "tell the folks!" so I'm telling the folks.


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